A downloadable demo prototype for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The World Needs Heroes is a 3D RTS/RPG/turn-based tactics mix being developedfor PC, Mac and Linux.

Player takes control of a secret organization that employs superheroes to fight crime, defend the Earth against alien invasions, stop wars, prevent political assassinations and generally save humanity from self-destruction. Single player campaign starts in late 1920s and spans to 2000s and beyond, but can be won (or lost) earlier.

Visual style combines highly detailed realistic environments with board-game like character figures and comic-book-style visual effects.

This is a demo prototype of battle gameplay and the map editor, nothing you will see here is final. The game expected to arrive early in 2016.

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Install instructions

Unzip and play, that simple.


Demo Prototype (Win) (110 MB)
Demo Prototype (OS X) (117 MB)
Demo Prototype (Linux) (117 MB)